We all want so badly to fulfill all of our New Year’s resolutions but a few weeks in we seem to lose that much needed motivation. Well, if one of your resolutions was to be more organized in 2019 then you’re in the right place! Below, we’ve provided you with a few tips to show how attainable this goal really is!



Planning your days ahead of time can be both productive and relaxing.  Once your day begins, our willingness to use the little energy we have to map out our essential priorities is very slim. Moving this step to the night before can be beneficial in that you have time to think through what needs to be done and can do so in a meaningful way. Thus allowing you to start that next morning ahead of the game and ready to be your new and improved productive self! Not only will you spend less time planning but you’ll find that your schedule flows more quickly and smoothly.

Depending on your preference, you have a ton of options when it comes to day planning tools.  Whether you choose to use a traditional journal or explore the bullet/dot journaling trend, we guarantee this tip will make all the difference. Paper Source has all of the tools you could possibly think of to hit the ground running in 2019. Want to make things easy? We love their dot journal kit! This guide explains how to start and keep a dot journal (planner, to-do list and diary all in one).




In the past you may have said to yourself, “Okay, Saturday is the day! I’m cleaning the entire house!” …. Once Saturday comes around, you quickly begin to realize how large of a task it truly is. In our experience, that route has been guaranteed to end in frustration and inevitable exhaustion! Do yourself a favor and choose one area to organize each week or month. This way you’ve set an attainable goal and can avoid the headache. Check out these organization and storage essentials from West Elm.



A rule as old as time – the “One in, one out” rule. Did you just buy a brand new set of sheets from West Elm or Pottery Barn? Well then head right to that linen closet of yours and throw away your old, tattered and worn out sheet set that hasn’t been used in years! New jacket? You know the drill. Make this a habit and we promise this will make those annual trips to Goodwill a lot more manageable.



Whether it be a chair or a junk drawer, we all have that one space where everything seems to pile up constantly.  These are called Drop Zones and they should now be your Enemy #1 for 2019. Identify those areas and look at the items that tend to collect there. Does everyone throw their jackets on that one chair because the hall closet is too cluttered? Go to Bed Bath and Beyond or West Elm and grab layered hangers to maximize space and inevitably lessen the jacket load on your chair. Depending on your drop zone, look for creative storage solutions that’ll get rid of the eye sore and give those items a new aesthetically pleasing home.


Joint Bag Hanger, West Elm


Hastings Home Office Collection, Pottery Barn



Are you a pen hoarder? Are you checking your drawer right now? Well if you just found 30 different pens and pencils (half of which don’t work) then yes, you are a pen hoarder. Like pens, we tend to hold onto things in our office and home thinking, “I might need these one day because what if 30 people borrow a pen from me all at once.”  We’re sorry to break it to you but you will never need 30 pens in any given day. Simplify any collection of items in your office and home by picking out your favorite few and tossing/donating the rest.



We cannot emphasize this rule enough – put things back where you found them! This is LITERALLY how clutter accumulates. This is by far the easiest way to stay organized in 2019 but seems to be the toughest task for many of us. Maybe you find yourself using an item more and more but for some reason keep it stored in an inconvenient location. Think about relocating it so you’re more inclined to put it away immediately instead of it collecting dust on the kitchen table for two weeks.



Keep scrolling to see our favorite organization tools from around Town Center!


Weekly To-Do Notepad, Paper Source


Cable Box, West Elm


Weekly Good Habits Notepad, Paper Source


Gray Blythe Linen Desk Accessories (Small Organizer), Pottery Barn


Tombow TwinTone Bright Marker Set, Paper Source


2018 – 2019 Ferns Planner, Paper Source


Open Weave Zigzag Baskets, West Elm 


Industrial Shoe Rack, West Elm


Livingston Entryway Collection, Pottery Barn


2018 – 2019 Great Big Calendar, Paper Source