Local foodie influencer, Nomarama, made a trip to Town Center of Virginia Beach to discover what delicious Gluten-Free eats our restaurants have to offer! Check out his experience at Yard House, California Pizza Kitchen, and Confetti Caffe & Gelato, below.


There was a time in my life when I thought later developed food allergies were nonsense, that was until it happened to me 😭

As some of you may know I been back n forth with a new “Gluten Intolerance”, doctors orders … and I’ll admit it sucks 🙅🏾‍♂️!  BUT the fact that more and more restaurants are offering Gluten-free or Gluten Sensitive Menus is great! However what I recognized was, even though spots are starting to offer said menus, not a lot of cats know about them 🤔🤔

So, in an effort to assist our friends of @towncenterofvirginiabeach we teamed up to let my fellow Gluten Freevangs know, WE HAVE OPTIONS!! Like California Pizza Kitchen, for example. While they have their regular menu items, select items can be made “Gluten Sensitive with just a simple swap of ingredients. In addition, they also have a full separate Certified Gluten-Free menu with entrees that are prepared in a separate area, with separate utensils and the staff is required to wear gloves to prevent cross-contamination… this attention to detail is greatly appreciated. 

Yard House is another spot for “Gluten- Sensitive” eats, with a full separate menu with over 30+ options like tacos, lettuce wrap burgers or steaks… you don’t have to worry about settling for a salad if you grab lunch out with friends and coworkers!

We wrapped the trip up with a stop to Confetti Gelato Cafe where our girl Josie schooled us on how she handles the operation there. With over 100 rotating flavors total Confetti always has a mix of classic, vegan and Gluten-Free flavors to choose from.


You can read Nomarama’s original blog post, here.