Town Center of Virginia Beach is filled to the brim with bustling businesses, many of which are locally owned and run by the dedicated friends & families of our Hampton Roads community. Every year, we like to spotlight one of these hardworking individuals so you can get to know the friendly faces behind your favorite restaurants & retailers.



Pictured: Lamia Pappas

Why did you get started in this particular business?

I wanted to bring a part of my childhood to the Hampton Roads area. I grew up eating crepes and learned how to make them from my nanny. After I learned, I made them for my family and friends! When I came to the US and opened my business, instead of making them for my family and friends, I can make them for my wonderful customers. I always wanted to own my own business, so I’m now able to do something I love every day while fulfilling my dream of owning a business. 

How many years have you been in business?

I opened my first store on Granby Street in Norfolk in 2016 – so it’s coming up on four years being in business. This location in Town Center opened in March of 2019.

Customers really love _____ at Lamia’s Crepes.

Customers really love the crepes, our staff, and the atmosphere. When people step into Lamia’s, I want them to be transported to Paris. I really try to bring the French style into my stores with the decor, music, and authentic French crepes. As far as the food goes, our top selling sweet crepe is the strawberry, banana and nutella crepe. Our top selling savory crepe is the Poulet with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, swiss cheese, and house made bechamel sauce. Our top selling breakfast crepe is the Hungry Fox with bacon, sausage, ham, egg, cheese, and house made aioli sauce.

What do you love most about owning your own business?

I love owning my own business because it allows me to bring something I love to Hampton Roads. I enjoy being a very hands-on business owner. Working in my store is very important to me. When I make crepes for my customers, I make them as if I am making them for my family, from the bottom of my heart. My customers are always very happy to see me and I am very happy to see them! I love being able to form relationships with my customers and to provide them with a unique experience when coming to Lamia’s Crepes. 

Do you have any advice for future small business owners?

If you think you have a good business concept, TRY IT! Get your business plan together, create a really good product, and make connections with your customers. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Don’t be shy!

Pictured: Strawberry, Banana, & Nutella Crepe


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