Describe your business:  A “Home Base” for the Jones family of Artists for worldwide distribution of their artistic creations for use in movies, books etc. as well as a Fine Art Gallery of their paintings and find art prints available for sale to the general public. 


Name of Featured Business Owners (Pictured L-R): Ryan Jones, Susan Jones, Louis Jones


How many years have you been in business? 62 years


Why did you get started in this particular business? We all have an all consuming passion for the beauty of our world and an unyielding work ethic and desire to express all of the emotions we feel at being a part of this perfection.


Customers really love this: The hope and beauty that we bring to the world through our paintings and making them aware of the beauty that is this life.


Fill in the blank. You really love _____ about owning your own business: We really love the freedom, sharing our vision of life and seeing the positive results of our work in the smiles of our fans


Any advice for future small business owners? Be honest to yourself and others in the pursuit of your goals or you will have a very short career.



“Wild Beauty” by Ryan Jones


“Lifelines” by Louis Jones


“Love” by Susan Jones