In August, Town Center Cold Pressed announced that it acquired The Daily Grind Cafe at 168 Central Park Avenue; the same location where the company was founded in late 2014 with a single kiosk. With more than 3 years of development, this is an unprecedented alliance between The Daily Grind Cafe and Town Center Cold Pressed as they merge to introduce a new unconventional café experience.  “We are positioning ourselves to become the forerunners in the specialty beverage market, we only want to carry products that are unique to our brand, and we try to consistently innovate and evolve to stay ahead of the trends,” said Tiffany Nieves operations manager and co-founder.

With the acquisition of Daily Grind, Town Center Cold Pressed plans to vastly expand their coffee program. They will be adding a 14 station pour over bar featuring single origin coffees from all around the world, utilizing multiple brewing methods, mixology, and online retail expansions of coffee sales are a part of the growth strategy. It is in the plans to have a private Roastery in the near future. This new location will also feature an expanded Nitro Brew tap system with over 10 different lines of Coffee and tea flavors such as lemon ginger kombucha, Vietnamese coffee, Thai Tea, and more. An exclusive menu is being created with new and unique food offering and pairing accompanied by the classic favorites that are currently being served in Norfolk like the Thai Market brown rice and quinoa bowls. “We are excited to bring the full concept to the Town Center area, we are a part of that community and we want to make this a complete experience, and a place where anyone can find something they love.” stated chef Michael Holdcraft.

Nitro Drinks
Town Center Cold Pressed

Town Center Cold Pressed operated under a pop-up location, just four doors down, as The Daily Grind Cafe space was transformed. The design of the space will incorporate natural materials, soft lighting, with a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere. A new bar will be constructed to increase seating capacity. Every detail of the space is being chosen with intention to reflect the handcrafted nature of the experience.

We are excited to explore their “unconventional cafe experience” slated to open as Town Center Cold Pressed on October 14, 2017.

Join Town Center Cold Pressed as they toast to the success of their new, flagship location on Saturday, October 14 between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. At their Grand Opening Celebration, you can enjoy free samples throughout the day and try new unique menu items. The first 50 people will receive a Free Pistachio latte! RSVP to