Town Center of Virginia Beach is excited to announce our own “Equinox Event” this Saturday, September 23nd from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, just announced that they have created an in-game event where players can have an opportunity to “earn double Stardust for catching Pokémon and hatching Eggs.” To capitalize on the energy surrounding this special, we will be creating an “Equinox Event” of our own. Town Center will purchase lures at all fifteen Pokestops for 10 hours this Saturday from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

“The purchase of lures, coupled with the new excitement for the game, will be a big draw to Pokemon Go players (“trainers”). Last summer, when Pokemon Go was released, we saw a huge boost in foot traffic and Facebook check-in’s from the game. Trainer’s gravitated to Town Center of Virginia Beach for our walk-ability and density. We have 15 Pokestops that are all within a short walking distance of each other. While here, players can also take in all that Town Center has to offer – a bite to eat, a sweet treat, and, hopefully, a little shopping too!” said Katie Caraviello, Business Development and Communications Manager.

Pokemon Event 09.23 (2)

This Saturday, the businesses in Town Center of Virginia Beach will welcome trainers in with creative specials! Participating businesses will hang a “Pokemon Go Players Stop Here” sign in their window. Expect to see deals ranging from 20% off at bevello (if you show them your Pokedex), “$5 off a $20 purchase” from The Royal Chocolate, make or buy a Pokeball Terrarium for $7 at Hinterland Trading Company, free pretzel bites at Keagan’s Irish Pub and $8 lunch specials at Simply Fresh Cafe and Market. 

Players will be notified about the event primarily through social media. “Town Center is lucky to have a resident ‘Pokemon Go expert’ – Kelle Ryan, of Hinterland Trading Company. This event was actually his idea! He made us aware of Niantic’s newly announced event and showed us the participation potential if we boosted the player experience by adding Lures. Kelle is also very in tune with the players and was able to connect us to the local Pokemon Go groups.” said Caraviello.

So, fellow trainers, in celebration of the Pokemon Go Equinox Event, join us this Saturday from noon until 10:00 PM as we Lure all fifteen of our Pokestops for 10 hours!