Valentine’s Day is typically filled with some combination of chocolates, flowers and cards. Why not shake things up for the kids and get creative this year! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite picks from around Town Center.


Emoji Pooping Candy – Paper Source

Wind up this Poop Emoji-shaped wind up toy and watch it shoot out pink and white heart candies!


Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Chocolate Bar event, The Royal Chocolate

The kids will definitely love this one! On February 2nd, 16th and 18th you and the kiddos can make your very own heart-shaped chocolate bar by filling a special mold and adding fun toppings. This class also includes a personalized card! Call the store at (757) 557-6925 to reserve a spot.


Gummy Flower Bouquet, IT’Sugar

What kid wants a flower bouquet when they can get a delicious gummy one to EAT!


Chocolate Covered Oreos, Marshmallows and Peeps – The Royal Chocolate

Because who doesn’t love oreos, marshmallows and peeps….. especially when they’re covered in chocolate!


DIY Valentine Slime – Paper Source

They’ll have so much fun making their own Glitter Slime! All it takes is a drop of water, a dash of confetti, a pinch of glitter, shake – done. Each jar includes 4 slime powders, 2 glitter powders and  2 confetti packets.


Plush Toy with Milk Chocolate Hearts – The Royal Chocolate

Foxes, Sloths and Teddy Bears – oh my! Each one is accompanied by a delicious box of milk chocolate hearts.


Heart Eyes Growee – Paper Source

Valerie the Valentine is sure to sprout something special this Valentine’s Day! Add some greenery to their life with this quirky grass grower by Paper Source.


You’re sure to be the favorite if you give the gift of a Muse Paintbar class! Check out their schedule here.