With so many desserts to choose from we can all get a little overwhelmed. Why not hone in on a sweet treat based on  your zodiac sign! Keep scrolling to see your perfect match.



You’re courageous and bold, Aries, making these chocolates the perfect dessert for you. These wacky flavors may seem strange but they’re surprisingly delicious! Grab them while you can at The Royal Chocolate.



A Taurus is loyal, indulgent, dependable and creative. So grab your closest friends and indulge yourselves with this 6-layer monster of a cake from P.F. Chang’s!



What’s more delicious than chocolate fondue! The Royal Chocolate’s creamy gourmet fondue is the perfect sweet treat. Gemini’s are known for being romantic, playful and curious. Fondue is fun, has endless combinations and flavors, and can be enjoyed with friends or your significant other…. aka perfect for YOU, Gemini!



You  have quite the sense of humor, Cancer, making IT’Sugar the perfect dessert destination for you! We couldn’t choose just one for you but this basket is definitely a great start.



You love to stand out Leo, so do just that with one of The Royal Chocolate’s exquisite gourmet caramel apples!



You’re a perfectionist at heart and have quite the analytical eye, Virgo. What could be more perfect in form and flavor than a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory?




Libra’s are known for being sophisticated, elegant and balanced. What’s more balanced than a sweet and salty combination? Try Cold Stone’sSalt Never Tasted So Sweet” with sea salt caramel ice cream, Ghiradelli sea salt caramel, mini pretzels and Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramel squares.



Passionate and powerful. Not only does this describe you, Scorpio, but this White Chocolate Bread Pudding as well. This beloved classic from Ruth’s Chris Steak House is topped with your choice of four spirited creme Anglaise sauces: Orange Cognac, Nutty Frangelico, Raspberry Chambord or Coffee Tia Maria.



The Cold Stone Creamery “Germanchokolatekake” – Awkward name. Awesome Ice Cream. Indulge in this German treat of chocolate ice cream with pecans, coconut, brownie and caramel. You’re known for being adventurous, Sagittarius, so travel to Germany with this signature creation.



You’re practical and ambitions, Capricorn, which means you’re keen to choose quality over quantity. These matcha chocolate bars from The Royal Chocolate are just that. One square is sure to satisfy your exquisite palate.



These Bailey’s Chocolate Truffles from IT’Sugar are perfect for your rebellious side, Aquarius.



Pisces, you’re a creative and imaginative one and because of this you can appreciate the wacky and wild selection at IT’Sugar. So don’t limit yourself to a basic dessert like chocolate cake…. spice things up with a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog or a Japanese Snack Pak for your next dessert!